Syntellis Dashboard Redesign

UX/UI Design (August 2021)
Project Overview
Axiom already had a landing page builder in the works that was not solving for their customers' need, so I was brought in as Lead Designer to understand the gaps from the first iteration of the landing page builder to meet the business and customer needs.

Team: Jared (PM), Sam (Visual Lead), Sean (Engineering Director), Jen (Design Director, Me (UX Lead)
My Contributions
Axiom had a workstream to overhaul their legacy Healthcare landing page and transform it into a configurable dashboard. A data-driven analytics dashboard was a need they were hearing from customers. This workstream aligned with their business need to increase engagement and adoption for their Healthcare software application.
Understanding features to prioritize
A challenge we faced was not knowing what features we needed to prioritize now vs later. We conducted research to understand what type of data elements were most needed by customers to configure their dashboard.

1. Customer survey - The most used data elements customers wanted were KPIs and report-related information on their dashboard.
2. Competitive analysis - Doing a competitor analysis identified a set of the most common widgets that are currently being offered to data analysts.
3. Partner brainstorming sessions - From our brainstorming session with PM's and SME's, the most important feature to incorporate was customization.
Understanding our customer segments
We needed to solve for multiple consumers from different perspectives:
1. Data analysts and Business owners - These customers would be our consumers using the dashboard on a daily basis. Our customers found the current dashboard difficult to interpret and use.
2. Admin - These customers would be the ones configuring the dashboard for our Data analysts and Business owners. Admins found the tool difficult and time-consuming to use. Because the tool was built out so quickly without much UX involvement, we did not consider our Admins needs as the back-end administrators of the dashboard, which created a clunky experience for our front-end users.
Divergent Thinking
How might we solve for our customer pain points?
2 major questions developed from our research.
1. How might we customize landing page content to provide valuable insights and drive productivity for end consumers?
2. How might we make landing pages more easily configurable for admins to implement?

I had various brainstorming sessions with our Visual Designer Sam, and PM Jared to bounce ideas and concepts based on the information we had gathered. After exploring all possible design solutions, we were able to converge on the design direction that best met our requirements and addressed the gaps we were seeing in our current experience.
The Solution
We presented our designs partner teams and stakeholders to align on the design direction and vision. The designs underwent a series of iterations to get to it's current state. This product was presented to our clients at our annual Syntellis Client Summit for what new innovation they would be able to expect for the upcoming year.
Hi-fidelity wireframes

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